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Jackie Pratley

certified TRE instructor
certified pilates teacher
certified personal trainer

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Class CDís are available for purchase for clients who are motivated to practice at home on an ongoing basis.

"I encourage clients to

manifest Pilates practice

into their everyday life"

Parklands, Christchurch

Small groups can be the stepping stones when branching out from one on one sessions.

When a level of awareness and confidence is cultivated from the one on one sessions the client now feels able to practice without the consistent attention of the teacher.

The small groups accommodate up to eight people. Sessions are booked in advance in 5 week blocks. No casual appointments.

Programs written will cover an overall workout but clients within a group will still be focused on the work that needs practice and precision within themselves.

Clients will be placed in groups where they are best suited for their level of fitness at that time.

This is the ultimate way to begin learning the foundation of Pilates. The one on one attention and help offered as you learn this important step is crucial in establishing sound muscle recruitment patterns.

In your first session we will complete a Postural Analysis and a Pre-Exercise Questionnaire to help design the best possible program for your individual needs.

You will learn the Pilates Principles then apply some exercises to integrate the learning of that session. From here the intention of the practice is self-mastery with the help of the teacher.

You have an option of paying casually or buying a concession card of 5 fifty- five minute sessions.

TRE (Tension Release Exercises) I offer one on one TRE sessions. TRE is a body-based process. It reduces the bodies natural way of switching off the 'hypervigilant' or numb states that become chronic after stressful events.