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Indian head massage


Jackie Pratley

certified pilates teacher
certified personal trainer

Phone (03) 383 3084
Mobile 027 469 7113

Certified TRE Instructor
(Trauma Release Australia 2011)
Certified Pilates Teacher
(Pilates Exercise Specialists 2001)
    trained by Sefulu Calvert, Wgtn, NZ

Certified Fitness Leader I & II
(QFAC 1988, Queensland)

Certified Personal Trainer / Gym Instructor
(Netfit NZ 2000)

Certificate in Muscle Balance Analysis
(Al Skrobisch NZ 2005)

Certified Practitioner in Indian Head Massage
    (Canterbury College of Natural Medicine
    NZ 2006)

Jackie also has a strong background in dance (Tap, Jazz and Latin).

She has competed in Aerobic, Latin
dance and placed third in two South
Island Body Sculpturing competitions in

She has practiced various styles of
yoga including Iyengar and has trained in TRE (Tension & Trauma Release Exercises)

Her experience in body awareness throughout the years is brought forthright into her Pilates classes.

Working intuitively her emphasis is on
teaching a safe, knowledgable, focused and enlightening class

Based on an ancient Indian healing system called Ayurveda this massage is a holistic therapy which has been practiced in India for over 1000 years.

This gentle massage complements
Pilates Practice by releasing
in the upper back, shoulders,
upper arms, neck, head & face
allowing the muscles to stretch a
little deeper.

Benefits of Indian head massage
        relieves tension headaches
        stimulates blood circulation &
           lymphatic drainage
        balances energy flow
        provides relief from mental &
          physical stress and induces
          peace & calm
        creates soft, shiny, healthy hair
        relieves sinus conditions

The massage treatment is 40 minutes and includes the use of traditional Ayurvedic oils.

Gift Vouchers Available

Spiritual teacher / Mentor sessions / Meditation

Guidance into your true nature. This is not so much a teaching but an internal experience into the deeper recognition of your true nature. 1hr session - $70

Research has shown that Pilates practiced in the workplace saves businesses money by reducing illness, injuries and mental stress while improving concentration, posture and immunity against illness.
With clarity of mind comes better decision making.

        Examples of clients
              Cancer society
              Ministry of Education

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